A perfect union.

Osterrath has been family-owned for over 150 years and is passed down from one generation to the next. That's why the family wanted a long-lasting logo. The old logo even dates back to 1920.

The task
To develop a modern and timeless corporate design for the family-owned company that represents Osterrath's high standard of technology and quality.

The solution
The new design reflects the company's products and shows the connection between the two opposites: The circle and square symbolise the two basic materials used by Osterrath: tube and sheet metal.

The symbol also reminds one of the "squaring of the circle" - the mathematical approach of constructing a square with the same surface from a circle by geometric means.

In general, however, the image of the square is also used as a metaphor for seemingly unsolvable tasks or things that are difficult to connect - and thus for Osterrath's core competence: connector technology Made in Germany.

The basic geometric shapes of the new brand are an important identification characteristic: they form a flexible pattern based on punching tools and technical drawings. The pattern assumes structural and functional roles and expresses company-specific topics such as diversity, networking and complexity management.

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The result
The new brand identity is based on the company's products and manages to combine Osterrath's long-standing company tradition with a contemporary appearance across all channels. At the same time, the design conveys a high standard of workmanship and reinforces Osterrath's commitment to quality.

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