Holistic Process – holistic brand experience planning

As the brand experience specialist of the Grey Group, GREY Design (formerly: KW43) offers a comprehensive range of services covering analysis, strategy and design. The basis for this is our specially developed brand experience process, which we always align to the individual circumstances and needs of our customers.

Brand development, corporate design, corporate identity, user experience design & user interface design

Brand DNA – describes the status of the brand

Based on primary and secondary research, we determine the status of the brand DNA (also brand personality) and derive appropriate business, brand and target group insights using communication and digital strategists.

DNA, brand DNA, brand insight, target group insight, business insights

Brand identity – defines values and characteristics of the brand/brand touchpoints

Brand Strategy
The brand strategy is determined on the basis of the brand DNA and the brand goals. This is documented by means of a brand model in which the brand elements are developed and described. These elements are: values, philosophy, positioning and target image.

UX & Design Strategy
Based on the brand image and the new brand identity, additional formal and content-related aspects are considered, in order to derive the corresponding UX and design strategy.

DNA, brand DNA, brand insight, target group insights, business insights, user experience, UX strategy, design strategy, interviews, online survey, requirements workshop, information architecture

UX & Brand Design – defines the look & feel of the brand/brand touchpoints

The existing branding of a brand is reviewed and optimised, or the corporate identity is newly developed by means of core branding. If derived from the brand DNA, user experience and user interface design of the brand touchpoints is taken into account in parallel.

Brand design, corporate design, branding, logo, CD basic elements, font, typography, colour, visual and form language, user experience design, user interface design

Brand Experience – describes any experience with the brand/brand touchpoints

To provide a brand experience, every measure of the brand/brand touchpoint is optimised or newly developed based on the brand identity and the UX & brand design. The aim is to provide a holistic brand experience.

brand experience, product design, packaging, store, web-shop, website, app, literature, trade fair, promotion

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