The culture of failure.
KW43 developed a corporate design for the Museum of Failure

A museum that focuses on mistakes? KW43 BRANDDESIGN makes the museum a brand after many successful exhibitions in the USA, China and Sweden and launches it on the German market.

The task
Development of a corporate design that embodies the unique philosophy behind the Museum of Failure.

Die Kultur des Scheiterns.

KW43 entwickelt ein Corporate Design für das Museum of Failure


Ein Museum, das sich mit Fehlern beschäftigt? KW43 BRANDDESIGN macht das außergewöhnliche Museum zur Marke und übernimmt die Einführung in der Bundesrepublik – nach vielen erfolgreichen Ausstellungen in den USA, China und Schweden.

Die Aufgabe
Entwicklung eines Corporate Designs, das die besondere Philosophie des Museum of Failure repräsentiert.

The solution
Everyone loves success. Nobody likes failure.
But most people forget that it is often failures that lead to success. The Museum of Failure is dedicated to this theme and presents a collection of more than 100 failed products and services from some of the world's best-known companies.
For every great success like the Apple iPhone, VCR and Ford Mustang there are a few who failed before them such as Newtons, Betamax and Edsels.

This insight inspired Dr. Samuel West, a psychologist living in Sweden with Icelandic-Californian roots, to develop the curatorial concept and found the Museum of Failure.
Dr. West commented: "Therefore we must welcome, accept and investigate failure.” This is how the core idea became the foundation of the new corporate design. Failure is the source of long-lasting progress.That's why we need a new, positive culture: a culture of failure.

The new corporate design symbolises the culture of failure: In the logo, two strong symbols are combined to form a universal symbol: The positive green tick for success and the negative red X as a symbol for crossing out mistakes. A green X for the positive power of failure emerges as a key symbol of the corporate design.
The result was a new logo: MOX - Museum of Failure.

Services: Logo, Naming, Corporate Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design


The result
The positive power of unsuccessful experiments becomes strikingly evident and encourages to change one's point of view: Because mistakes are a good thing.

The international press agrees: The New York Times wrote “At this museum, failures are welcome”. The Washington Post reported “Harley Davidson perfume? Trump board game? ‘Museum of Failure’ celebrates legendary product flops.” And the BBC was also thrilled “The museum that revels in failure“.


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