Discovering Hands – The branding of innovative breast cancer diagnostics

Thank you, ADC! Danke, Dicovering Hands! Merci, Team!
The agency is delighted with the success of Discovering Hands at the ADC and D&AD Festival:

One ADC Gold Nail for corporate design, one ADC Bronze Nail for Typography, one ADC award in the Next Level category and one Graphite Pencil at the D&AD Awards.

Discovering Hands has revolutionised the early detection of breast cancer with a new examination method. KW43 Branddesign believe that innovative entrepreneurial achievements deserve a strong brand and illustrates the revolutionary concept behind Discovering Hands with a rebranding.

The Task
Conventional breast examination at home or at the doctor's is considered the »first pillar« in early breast cancer detection. However, changes in the breast cannot usually be detected by this short examination. Discovering Hands therefore focuses on the increased tactile sensations of blind and visually impaired people and trains them specifically. Discovering Hands fills a crucial diagnostic gap and creates an affordable preventive diagnosis. The task was to build a bridge between this unconventional diagnostic approach and medical credibility and authenticity.

The Solution
KW43 Branddesign further developed the terminology as a first step and gave the new diagnostic capability the correct context as well as the medically professional term »tactilography«. Thus, the term complements the pillars of mammography and sonography and also serves as the basis for the new logo. This puts the collaborative work of blind and sighted people in context. Because the interplay between vision and the tactile talent of the blind complement each other in diagnostics.

Services: Strategy, Logo, Corporate Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Touchpoints

The Result
The unusual design embodies the strength of the examination method: the lettering is only partially visible to sighted people, and thanks to the addition of Braille, blind people can recognise more and are able to complete the overall picture. With the help of the logo the unique selling point of the brand is thus conveyed in a striking way.


The Awards
Corporate Design Preis 2018: Winner Discovering Hands Red Dot Award 2018: Award CD Award Typography iF Award 2019: Award (Corporate Identity_Branding) Discovering Hands Type Directors Club 2019: Certificate of Typographic Excellence Corporate Identity DDC - Gute Gestaltung 2019: Silber Corporate Design London International Awards 2019: Gold Medical - Innovation Silber Design - Corporate Identity One Show 2019: Merit Identity System ADC 2019: Gold Corporate Identity Bronze Typography Auszeichnung Next Level D&AD: Graphite Pencil Corporate Identity

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