Discovering Hands 3D App. A digital visualization of what only the blind can see.

A revolutionary idea became the new standard in early breast cancer detection:
One out of eight women will develop breast cancer. In Germany over 70.000 are diagnosed every year. For 18.000 it’s fatal. Early detection can save lives. A new method uses people with a remarkable ability. People who are twice as likely to discover even the smallest anomalies: Blind people.

The brand identity focusses on the revolutionary idea of this new collaboration. Combining the extraordinary tactile skills of blind women with the competence of medical professionals.


Pushing the boundaries even further we developed a software-based medical application to support the tactile diagnosis. Enabling a blind medical tactile examiner (MTE) to digitally record localized mass findings. The app calculates the findings and visually translates them into a three-dimensional model and a two-dimensional frontal view of the thorax.

This means: Similar to an X-ray image, the app provides an exact localization of the findings for further medical diagnosis by a physician. This benefits not only the medical staff, but also the patient, who receives a clear and comprehensible image of her breast examination.

Services: Strategy, Logo, Corporate Design, User Experience, Interface Design

The revolutionary idea of digitizing what only a blind person can see has become the new standard in early breast cancer detection: With the first 3D diagnostic application to help saving lives.


The Awards
Red Dot Award 2020: Best of the Best Health Solution One Show 2020: Merit Experiential & Immersive New York Festivals Advertising 2020: Finalist Avant-Garde/Innovative:Avant-Garde/Innovative ADC 2020: Silver Digital Mediadesign Bronze Digital Products/Services Bronze Digital Product Bronze Infographic/Data-Visualisation

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