Consistent digital transformation:
KW43 completes corporate design update for the Wüstenrot & Württembergische-Group

The Task
The redesign of the corporate design for the Wüstenrot & Württembergische Group creates consistency across individual brands and communication channels.

The Solution
Form through content: The content headline format and the freedom in the composition of the design elements create a distinctive style.
Content by form: The formal headline format creates relevance.

The W&W type, which is derived from the striking logo lettering, is our individually developed typeface and represents brand significance. The W&W type is used across all media: online and offline.

There is no longer a rigid grid into which the messages are fitted. The flexible and modular system adapts perfectly to different messages. Thanks to the strong parameters, however, there is always a high degree of resemblance.

Services: Corporate Design, Corporate Type, Implementation

The Result
A future-proof platform due to a strong brand presence. Various messages can be perfectly integrated into the flexible system. Thanks to strong parameters, however, there is a high degree of resemblance in all messages and media, which enables fast recognition. The flexibility makes it possible to strengthen the Group while still doing justice to the independency of the two individual brands.

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