Everve Brand relaunch: New verve for the cycling brand

Passionate cyclists know that once you’re on the road, only your sports equipment, the route and your body count. All energy is transferred smoothly into motion – without everyday inconveniences, like suboptimal clothing distracting from the essentials. This ideal state, the so-called momentum, was pinpointed by KW43 Branddesign as the core of the new brand identity for the cycling clothing manufacturer formerly known as Leverve. This momentum is now reflected in the new company name: Everve.

The Task
To lay the foundation for further expansion, it was necessary to strengthen the brand and make the central brand promise more tangible with a new corporate identity.

The Solution
Every cyclist’s notion of the ideal state - perpetual momentum - is emphasised in the new brand name »everve«. The name »everve« is a blend word, composed of »ever« (= always) and »verve« (= momentum, élan, speed) and replaces the old, French-sounding brand name »Leverve«. This guiding principle also plays a central role in the new company motto »Maintain your momentum«. This underlines the core competency of the expert for cycling clothing.

Services: Strategy, Naming, Logo, Corporate Design, Touchpoints

The Result
The new brand identity is derived from the central idea and brings momentum to life. The new corporate identity, including re-naming and corporate design, conveys Everve's performance promise not only in the naming, but also in the typographical implementation. The relaunch also created the basis for a product design approach of its own.


The Awards
Corporate Design Preis 2017: Award Everve Corporate Design – Redesign Art Directors Club 2018: Grand Prix Design Everve Gold Everve Corporate Design – Redesign Gold Everve Logo Silver Everve Corporate Typeface Red Dot Design 2018: Award Everve Advertising

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