Corporate Design for Aprimano

Understanding true entrepreneurship is a central and important performance promise for almost all consultancies. However, most consultants fail to implement this credibly and consistently. KW43 Branddesign has lent expression to just this aspiration for the consultancy company Aprimano Consulting, with an uncompromising corporate design.

The Task

The Task

To illustrate the entrepreneurial aspiration, the positioning had to be revised. A new branding was to show the true entrepreneurial spirit.

The Solution
Real entrepreneurship can be reduced to a powerful core: the continual strive upwards, aiming at what seems challenging, difficult and unattainable to others. KW43 Branddesign has developed the Aprimano Consulting brand based on this powerful and succinct insight. The ambition to strive for the top was implemented in a manner both irreverently consistent and also appropriate to the industry.

Services: Strategy, Logo Design, Corporate Design

The Result
The philosophy of real entrepreneurial spirit of going against existing rules is demonstrated first and foremost by a disruptive typography: instead of the usual writing direction from top to bottom KW43 Branddesign has developed a »bottom-up typography«, which incorporates the change of perspective into the writing direction from bottom to top. The newly developed claim »The attitude of achievement« and the new logo also make this aspiration clear: an arrow pointing upwards in the initial letter »A« shows the entrepreneurial ambition.


The Awards
Red Dot Award 2016: Red Dot Aprimano – bottom up typography

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